Thursday, March 11, 2010

australian life

How amazing is this flower? Hakea laurina or pincushion hakea is a West Australian plant and has been a steady favorite for me through all my horticultural years. In each garden I have created over the years it always gets given prime position, but for some reason they don't grow for me even though they are easy plants to establish for everybody else! I will keep on trying because I love it so..

I keep on doing little drawings of botanical life existing around me. This is another fab west aussie plant Calothamnus, the flowers of fine red filaments burst from little bulbous buds that occur low down on the woody branches of the shrub. One of those typical australian plants that on closer inspection just blow you away with its beauty.


  1. Thanks for dropping by and keeping me posted on what's going on seasonally. We have had summers here without a drop of rain, so I know how parched both the people and gardens feel. I love your photo and drawing and hope to see more posts soon!

  2. Wow look at that! What an interesting & beautiful flower. Good luck with the growing, I hope it becomes less temperamental for you!

  3. G'day Gab, great blog and beautiful things! I'm just a foul-mouthed Pom seeking a long-lost your email address still the same? Sorry for the random way of trying to get in touch -your sister sent me the link via facebook but I think I've lost your contact details. Don't really know how this blog thing works but thought I'd give it a go! xx Bloody Mary