Monday, September 20, 2010

Art in Bloom

I visited 'Art In Bloom' a fantastic yearly event that lasts just a weekend, organised by the Friends of the Art Gallery of WA. All sorts of people from artists and floral designers to students and media personalities are invited to respond to an artwork from the state collection by creating a floral installation. I have never seen the gallery bustling with so many people, a really great way to get the public into the gallery.

I sneeked a few photos, sorry about the quality. I loved this installation by Amelia Dempster of Poppy's Flowers. A series of glass bowls bursting with amazing textural combinations of flowers, bark strips and burnt Banksia seed cones reflected a bush landcape painting.

After wards we went along to demonstration by one of Perth's best floral artists Rebecca Grace which was fun.

A great day of floral inspiration was had!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's boronia time! The nursery that I work at on Sundays has just brought in masses of plants and the perfume drifts across the whole centre. Normally I am not big on fragrance but boronia I can never get sick of, and it makes me remember to breathe properly :)


To celebrate spring our garden has posed nicely for these pictures. Very carefully chosen angles mind.. there are are many ugly bits in the process of getting revamped. Happy gardening everyone!